Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Losing some weight... I think...

Well, I had to go shopping for some new clothes and guess what - I actually needed to buy one size smaller. That was a surprise!!! I don't see any difference when I look in the mirror and no one has mentioned that there seems to be less of me - my family hasn't noticed and none of my hyper alert clients have commented (the kids and teens notice everything - and they always comment, but not on this). So, I guess it isn't visible yet, or I'm losing in it places that other people don't stare at, such as my belly and my upper thighs. Anyway, I'm happy.

I haven't done a lot different that I can tell, but I am listening to the Gabriel Code and I'm doing my QiGong breathing and I know those make me perkier which in turn make me move more and I move more quickly. I have to admit I don't actually listen to much of the GC because within minutes of putting in the ear phones, I'm sound asleep - but I assume parts of my brain are still taking it in.

Good news on the bathing suit issue - I actually found one. It's just too ugly for words. I think that the designers of fat lady bathing suits are trying to punish us for our obesity. I can't think of any other reason to make such UGLY designs. Oh well, I got one that fits and I will start swimming again tomorrow. I meant to get back to the pool today, but one of my ragers was doing her thing this morning and I was so totally focused on doing my breathing and remembering to parent from my heart and not my temper that I failed to grab my bathing suit. Not a Freudian slip, just a typical moment of overwhelm that is part of Hazardous Parenting.

By the way, for those of you who also live with ragers, the new and very controversial  DSM has a new diagnosis that I found very relevant and appropriate for a number of children and youth. Check it out if you are living with a rager too. Here's a good description of Temper Dysregulation Disorder.

So, take care, and remember, you are entitled to a better day!