Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Better days...

I haven't noticed any change in how my clothes fit, but my goodness, I have certainly notice a change in my energy levels and in my mood and my appetite has decreased (YAY!). I feel downright perky lately and my mood is much better despite some really difficult life challenges that are going on now.

The only things I am doing differently are the Qi Gung exercises and the Gabriel meditations. I rarely stay awake for the entire meditation because the minute I totally relax I fall asleep - I'm sure you can understand that! However, I assume my brain is still listening and something is getting absorbed. I also don't do much with the Qi Gung but it's made a difference in my posture all day long which, of course, increases the amount of stress reducing oxygen that my poor over cortisoled brain receives. I think I'm going to take training in QG if I ever have the time because it's the only method of that type of exercise that I've ever been able to do (other than swimming) without screaming from boredom.

With my new found energy and perkiness, I decided to take my closet extender and put it into the family room in front of the tv - so now instead of sitting on the couch I sit on the closet extender and push those pedals till my legs get tired, then I rest, then I pedal, then I rest... you get the idea.

I've also noticed that I'm crying more about my mom. She has Alzheimers (despite living the kind of life all the experts say will *prevent* the disease), and she suffers greatly because what little is left of her mind is the  anxiety section, and she suffers with that day and night without remission. I was heartbroken over this but coping, and now I just cry a lot. I think that is better than what I was doing - maybe not.

A number of people have asked me if I practice the stress reduction techniques I post on my Hazardous Parenting facebook page. Yes, I do. I can't do them all every day but I do some more than once a day and for situations or events for which they are most effective. My goal is post 1,000 stress reduction tips. If you have any you would like to send to me, I'd be happy to post them and note that they are from you. It's great when we can help each other. 

So, onward and upward, I hope, with the Gabriel meditations and the Qi Gong, and hopefully there will soon be a need for a smaller size clothing!

Have your best day possible!