Friday, May 17, 2013

Now I'm meditating the fat away....


I've determined to get my focus off the weight and onto my body in a more holistic manner - I mean, I'm totally aware of my fatness, and I'm not psychologically cut off at the neck. I haven't been abused so I don't have the body related issues that go with that kind of trauma, and I do recall the days when I gloried in my figure and felt vibrant health. I also make it a point to walk my talk, and, as you may know, I practice eft tapping both in my clinical practice and in my personal life - I use the *Chasing the Pain* method of eft tapping which links the feelings in my body with my emotions so I experience the connections daily as I tap away the stress of being the target of a rager or knowing I will have to deal with police or whatever awaits at home. But, even with all of that, I don't think I actually live enough in my body (if that makes sense).

Part of the reason is that I spend most of my time interacting with others in a setting that makes them the focus. My clients need me to be totally focused & connected with them, alert to all of their body signals and verbal cues and their basic communications. My children need me to be totally focused in the same way because, as I said,  I live with ragers and other behavior disorders: and, those who are more emotionally stable and those who are grown are still my children, and they rightfully expect to be the center of my universe in all contexts. That leaves precious little time in the day for me to contemplate the feeling of the blood flowing in my arms, or the energy in my hands, or to experience the beat of my heart.

When I decided to start to really get into my physical being. I thought of doing yoga again as I recommend that to many clients, but, to be honest, I hate yoga. It bores me to tears. While I'm doing the poses all I can ever think of is that I am going to die of cognitive inertia.  Looking around at other choices, I decided to find something that was meditative because I use meditation daily to heal my stressed neurons. There's a gazillion weight loss meditations out there and they all make incredible promises. I finally chose one that a friend of mine is using and is dropping pounds weekly. It wasn't that I see this as a magic pill, but I think the process must have some merit since it's having such a drastic impact on her. (I don't have any affiliation with this guy or this company and don't receive any kickbacks, and I will be blogging about my success or failure with this).

So far I've really enjoyed it. My only problem is that there is a night time one and I can't stay awake long enough to listen to the end. I fall asleep with ear buds in my ear. I hope that there is a subliminal effect!  haven't noticed any change in my eating but neurons don't change overnight (except under extreme duress) but I like the trips he takes me on inside my physical being so I'm happy to continue at the moment.

Well, if you are on a weight/stress reduction journey, I wish you the best. I'd love to hear what you are doing.

Remember, you are entitled to a better day!
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Here's a  lower cal, tasty lunch recipe that I love.


Two slices of pumpernickel bread (great for diabetics)
Thick slices of tomato
Thin slices of avacado
Vegan mayonnaise
A couple of leaves of spinach
Put it all together and it makes a great lunch, especially if you are like me and have to eat at your desk.