Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Day 21

You never think about the disincentives to weight loss - and since I'm still only down about half a chin dimple I'm not exactly in a position to worry - however, I was travelling yesterday and was filling the time between transits with the type of web surfing I never otherwise have time for. So, one of the things I decided to do was look up inspiring weight loss stories. Never hurts to see the success of others eh? Wrongo!

I managed to stumble on the success stories of people who ended up having major surgery to cut away all the loose and hangey skin that is left when you lose mega pounds. That doesn't happen to people who have reasonable amounts to lose - but it does to people like me who are obese and past the age where the skin and muscle have any natural bounce left in them. Truly, this is not inspiring. This is one of those things I never needed to know. Now, I look at my slightly reduced chin dimple to see if there are new wrinkles around it that signify even further sag to my aging face.

I also checked to see if exercise helps at all, but couldn't find anything definitive on that one. I haven't been exercising anyway, other than some walking, but the fear level on this might spur me on!

I happened to see an old picture of myself - when I was about 19. I was very fit, healthy, active, pretty -  and that was no incentive either because when I emerge from this cocoon of fat, it will not be with my 19 year old body - it will still be my age - and that, friends, is no incentive at all!

Well, off to the office now. I think I'll take a few extra trips up and down the stairs to my office today, just to try to firm those leg muscles - any little bit of hope that I won't need to have my saggy skin cut off is worth it.

Hey there = you have your best day possible. I will too.