Monday, April 22, 2013

Fat magnet...

Day 5

I've been reading a lot of weight loss success stories lately. I was hoping it would help motivate me because it seems that looking awful and having health problems isn't adequate. Anyway, the thing that bugs me about these is that so many of the successful weight loss people talk about how, once the motivation clicked in, or, they found the right eating plan, or, they resolved their childhood issues, or....fill in the blank.... the weight just dropped off.

Really?! Well, the fat has never just dropped off of me no matter what I've done. I'm sure that I have some kind of fat magnet in my body that attracts weight from afar. I can picture the magnet pulling fat toward me .... it's dragged across arid deserts, up craggy mountains, and it must navigate the tides to reach me. 

Okay, so you can tell I'm moving toward the end of my first week. Five days of dieting and I'm not totally thin!!!!  We had yet another birthday party yesterday for one of my adult children - we still do the birthday parties for most of our kids - those who are grown and those still growing. We have the biggest house so it holds the most people and I think they all just assume that mom will do the party. I'm fine with that - we endured some harsh years with some of the now grown adults and knowing they want to hang out at my house and spend a special day with their sibs and families is a total reward. No complaining on my part - but it does mean week after week of very festive menus, lots of cooking, and of course, lots of snackable appetizers as well as cake and ice cream.

I easily  avoid the high calories foods, the cake and ice cream aren't what made me fat. It was my lack of stress management combined with my perceived inability to take care of myself.

#13363 Old Woman Cooking With An Antique Stove Clipart by DJArtSo, as I cleaned and cooked and cleaned and cooked on the weekend, I paid a bit of attention to my eating, and I paid a lot of attention to my activity level. I made sure I moved more than usual - stood when I could have sat, danced around when I could have walked like a normal person, and just generally kept my body in a "go" status the whole two days.

When things got stressful with my not-so-littles (these guys can rage like nothing I've ever seen before), I made sure my breathing was good so that the oxygen had a chance to dissipate the cortisol; and, I made sure I had 7 hours of sleep last night to keep that cortisol in balance.

Okay - the weight isn't falling off me - I guess at day 5 there isn't going to be a miracle, is there. However, I feel good, I feel happy with myself, and I think the neurons in my hippocampus are doing the happy dance.

I hope you are taking care of your stress.
Don't forget, I put a tip a day for stress management on my Hazardous Parenting facebook page. I hope you can use some of those.

Chat later....