Saturday, July 19, 2014

Found you....

Can you believe it!? I lost this blog - haven't been able to find it to update. Weird ghosties in the 'net is all I can think has blocked me from this. So, how I've found it and I'm back to stay, I hope, since life doesn't actually allow me the amount control I would prefer to enjoy.

To update, there is no sign of weight loss anywhere on my body. It's stuck at *Very Fat*. I am eating healthily - I read Mark Bitman's book on Vegan Before 6 and have stuck to that with remarkable ease. I'm also seeing my great new doctor regularly to keep up with all of my health issues - all fat related, of course.

I'm doing my best to manage my stress - it never goes down or away - can't happen with 14 children and 8 grandchildren. Some of my adult children move in and out of my home, mostly in. And they bring with them great joy and also many complications and some familiar & irritating behaviors (yes, the same can be said about me) as well as their own stress as they try to work out their adult lives.

I am meditating regularly, that keeps me as close to sane as I can get.

The missing factor - exercise!!! I just don't move enough. It's taken me forever to actually accept that. I have a very sedentary job - either writing or working with clients - and that takes at least 8 hours a day. Then I come home and move around as I deal with drama, angst, rages, laundry, seasonal gardening etc. but that's about it. Then I sit again for a while before bed to watch my favorite tv show (that would be Walking Dead which is isn't on the moment). I did notice that my favorite show is about people who have to keep moving - maybe that's what draws me to it - or it could be that I can relate to a show with characters who really understand stress.

Anyhoo, I am now determined to begin an exercise regime. However, that seems to be a problem since I can only get there cognitively, I really don't want to move any more than I am. In fact, I'd like to move less. There is lots of research right now about the perils of lack of movement. Not that I need proof - I know I have to get off my over sized butt and get going. So, as soon as I finish this blog today I'm going swimming. Yup, off I go. 

I'll let you know tomorrow if I made it.

In the meantime, remember, you are entitled to a better day.
And if you have time, please check out my Hazardous Parenting facebook page  it has daily tips (5 days a week) on how to manage stress in a Hazardous Parenting family life.